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Commerce Express, Inc. operates as a shippers’ agent under part IV, Section 402c of the Interstate Commerce Act, and as a property broker under the provisions of section 10925 of the Interstate Commerce Act. With over 35 years of experience offering superior intermodal transportation services, both domestic and international, Commerce Express will safely deliver your goods. Commerce Express can provide consolidation services of full trailerbed or (steamship) containerload for intermodal movements requiring expedited service.

We are people who know this industry inside and out. The people of Commerce Express bring their skills as listeners, innovators, and problem-solvers to you—to effectively (and efficiently) take care of your shipping needs. Commerce Express can handle all intermodal and trucking needs, including imports, hazardous materials, and long-distance (Canada-US-Mexico). Through our experience and connections in the industry, Commerce Express can work with each shipper’s unique requirements and make sure of proper delivery of his or her freight.

Commerce Express is a member of the following trade organizations:

      IANA, Intermodal Assoc. of North America
      TIA, Transportation Intermediaries Assoc.
      Midwest Global Trade Assoc.
      Transportation Club of Minneapolis and St. Paul

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